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We are currently engaged in an extensive structural testing program on our composite timber products, with our partners at Holmes Solutions in Christchurch.

This week saw the first tests of our StrongBeam timber-concrete composite band beam, designed to work hand-in-hand with our StrongFloor floor system. The results exceeded our expectations with a very high degree of composite behaviour between the concrete and timber, and an ultimate load capacity around 250% above the service design load.

The StrongFloor system has also undergone further testing to validate other improvements to the product, resulting in adding significant extra strength and stiffness, allowing us to support spans in excess of 9m with no back-propping.

The combination of StrongBeam and StrongFloor will allow a high performing timber-concrete hybrid floor which will allow for grids in excess of 9m x 9m, with the following inherent advantages
* High levels of structural, acoustic and fire performance
* Thinner floors than conventional mass timber, making service reticulation easier and cheaper
* Minimal back-propping and faster construction speed
* Reduced embodied carbon, reduced waste and higher quality

To learn more about our world-leading composite timber-concrete structural floor systems please contact Robert De Brincat or Jane Armstrong

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