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Three fire tests for the price of one!

At Composite Systems one of our favourite ways to spend our R&D budget is by setting things on fire! After all, who doesn’t love a good barbie?! As we continue to innovate through developing new products or manufacturing methodologies, we often find ourselves at the cutting edge of fire-testing and having to develop new ways […]

The case for hybrid buildings and building with hybrids.

What if the way to get more timber into buildings was by putting less timber in? Are we missing out on reducing the amount of embodied carbon in more buildings through the use of sustainable timber, by forcing “purist” structural solutions on our projects? Timber is an incredible structural material with benefits that include: reduced […]

Structural Testing – StrongBeam

We are currently engaged in an extensive structural testing program on our composite timber products, with our partners at Holmes Solutions in Christchurch. This week saw the first tests of our StrongBeam timber-concrete composite band beam, designed to work hand-in-hand with our StrongFloor floor system. The results exceeded our expectations with a very high degree of composite […]

Building 4.0 CRC Annual Conference

It’s been great to be part of Building 4.0 CRC‘s Annual Conference today. There have been a wide range of speakers, industry representatives and researchers leading the way in driving the future of the construction industry. It was particularly rewarding to hear a number of international speakers share their experiences and there were some inspiring insights. […]

Acoustic Tests

Another week, another successful test complete at Composite Systems. This time we were looking at acoustic performance of our composite floor system and completed a series of five tests at CSIRO. We were looking to demonstrate the performance of a floor system with a bare soffit, allowing us to celebrate the timber ceiling below. Performance was excellent […]

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